The SYMPHONY Consortium at the M18 meeting in Weiz. Copyright: Gerhard Krobath, WEIZ Innovation centre

The SYMPHONY Consortium at the M18 meeting in Weiz. Copyright: Gerhard Krobath, WEIZ Innovation centre

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After 18 months from the start of the SYMPHONY project, on October 7-8, 2021, it was finally possible to welcome most of the SYMPHONY partners at Joanneum Research Materials in Weiz. With around 20 participants in Weiz and 25 connected remotely, the meeting has offered many opportunities for open discussions and interactions.

The results achieved in the last months concerning the development of energy harvesting materials (piezo-, tribo- and magnetoelectric), components (rectifiers, supercapacitors, and polymer batteries) and related manufacturing processes were presented. The routes for the selection of the most promising solutions were deeply discussed amongst the partners with the aim, in the next 6 months, to define those materials and components that will be integrated into the SYMPHONY Energy Autonomous Sensor System.

The participation of the experts dealing with the electronics and chips development contributed to evaluate the best integration strategies to achieve the target energy harvesting objectives.

Some samples sharing occurred amongst the partners and, during the laboratory tour, materials, test setups, preliminary sensor devices and the first prototypes related to the bicycle tube and wind turbine use cases were shown. The participation of the industrial use cases partners contributed to clarify some aspects related to the future manufacturing of the SYMPHONY applications.

The technical development of the SYMPHONY project is also supported by the first results from the Life Cycle Analysis and by the definition of dissemination and exploitation strategies of the project results.

The team spirit and commitment of the SYMPHONY partners are key factors for the successful project continuation and achievement of the target objectives, never achievable without the established international collaboration.

The SYMPHONY project started in May 2020 and has a duration of 4 years. Please, follow up at and stay updated about the upcoming project results!