Smart Hybrid Multimodal Printed Harvesting of Energy

Stretchable printed conductors, Fraunhofer ISC

Stretchable printed conductors. (Copyright: Fraunhofer ISC)

Ultrathin, flexible batteries, Evonik Creavis GmbH

Ultra-thin and flexible batteries based on TAeTTOOz® technology enable new device concepts. (Copyright: Evonik Creavis GmbH)


SYMPHONY project will develop nanogenerators based on piezoelectric, triboelectric and/or magnetoelectric materials for Energy Harvesting making use of vibrational and magnetic sources and microstructured architectures.

The energy storage devices (supercaps, polymer batteries) and rectifiers will comply with flexible environments. The replacement of toxic materials and rare elements by polymers and/or regenerative materials like cellulose will reduce the hazardous waste.

Energy- and cost-effective large-scale printing techniques will be applied for the development of cost-efficient self-powered flexible sensors and printed batteries.

Finally, the printed components will be integrated with low power electronics on flexible or stretchable substrates to achieve high energy efficiency of the power management circuit.

The SYMPHONY energy supply platform (ESP) comprises

  1. multimodal energy harvesting devices (nanogenerators) for converting diffuse energy from different sources to electrical energy,
  2. printed flexible energy storage devices, and
  3. energy-efficient electronics for power management.


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    Project Coordinator

    Dr. Jonas Groten
    Joanneum Research (Austria)


    Dissemination Manager

    Michèle Isopp
    Messfeld GmbH (Austria)