Smart Hybrid Multimodal Printed Harvesting of Energy

LOE cleanroom lab, Linköping University

LOE cleanroom lab (Copyright: David Einar, Linköping University)

Expertise on rubber and latex materials, Semperit AG Holding

Expertise on rubber and latex materials (Copyright: Semperit Holding AG)


Motivation & Impact

SYMPHONY will contribute significantly to acceleration of future low-carbon competitive economy.
The project delivers an energy supply platform for the powering of wireless sensors/sensor nodes for monitoring remote or difficult-to-access locations. The printed technology can be integrated cost effectively in stretchable and flexible devices, representing a huge potential for usage in a wide range of further IoT-supported applications.

The SYMPHONY EAS will provide functionalities such as Condition Monitoring, Predictive Maintenance or Energy Management in three application areas:

  • Renewable energy generation
  • Room heating/cooling
  • Mobility

The SYMPHONY solution will significantly reduce CO2 emissions by increasing the lifetime of wind turbines, making room heating/cooling more efficient, through presence and motion tracking smart floors and decreasing the energy consumption in e-bikes, through remote tube pressure control.

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    Project Coordinator

    Dr. Jonas Groten
    Joanneum Research (Austria)


    Dissemination Manager

    Michèle Isopp
    Messfeld GmbH (Austria)